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Quantum Vision Centers prides itself on offering patients access to the newest technology available.

At our main ORs in Swansea and Maryville, we have recently upgraded our cataract surgery equipment to Alcon’s Infiniti with Ozil technology. This new equipment results in quicker surgery, less discomfort and quicker visual recovery.

Lens Selection
Quantum Vision Centers has the two most advanced ways to measure patients for proper lens selection at the time of cataract surgery. We offer both IOL Master and LenStar measurements for our patients. We stand so solidly behind our lens measurements, that if you are not happy with your prescription after cataract surgery we offer our Refractive Guarantee: We will do LASIK surgery on you to remove any remaining prescription for $650, about the price of one pair of glasses.

Call the following numbers for more information or to schedule an appointment nearest you.  Please give the name of your eye care provider when you call.

Missouri:  (314) 843-4044 or call our toll free number (800) 728-EYES (3937)

Illinois:     (618) 277-1130 or call our toll free number (855) 260-EYES (3937)

Ocular Allergy Testing
Most recently, Quantum Vision Centers obtained a new Ocular Allergy Testing System that can test for as many as 60 possible allergies that can potentially cause eye problems specifically for the area in which a patient lives. This is exciting technology, and we are proud to be one of the first in the area to offer it to our patients. Since Ocular Allergy Testing is done by merely scratching the surface of the skin, it can be done on patients as young as five years old. Once the testing is done, the doctor can discuss a customized treatment plan for the patient on the same day.  Allergies are considered a medical condition and Ocular Allergy Testing is usually covered by most insurance plans.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. W. Eric Jones, Clinical Director of Dry Eye and Ocular Allergies
Call 1-855-260-EYES or (618) 277-1130

 LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System
Quantum Vision Centers also offers another groundbreaking technology for patients who suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. This condition can cause severe dry eye, burning, itching and vision disturbance, to name a few symptoms. The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System can relieve obstruction of blocked eyelid glands and allow the body to resume the natural production of lipids (oils) needed for adequate tear film. Treatment with the LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System has been greatly received by patients who have not been able to relieve their symptoms with other treatments.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. W. Eric Jones, Clinical Director of Dry Eye and Ocular Allergies
Call 1-855-260-EYES or (618) 277-1130

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