In your golden years, your vision may not be what it once was. The most common cause is cataracts, and no one in our area is more experienced in taking care of them. In fact, we do more cataract surgery than any other group in the metro area. And that’s just one in a long line of ‘firsts’ for Illinois Eye Surgeons. We performed the first lens implant in Southern Illinois—and the first Premium Lens Implant as well. When it comes to the very latest technology—and the experience to make the most of it—we continue to lead the way.

Cataracts aren’t the only cause of poor vision as you get older. Other reasons include diabetes, glaucoma, macular generation, drooping eyelids and more. To see your best, you should see the best, most experienced surgeons. We have specialists for every vision problem, right here in Southern Illinois and Missouri.

Whether it be a medical condition or just an old, outdated pair of glasses, our doctors will evaluate and determine your visual needs.  We also have doctors that specialize in fitting glasses and contact lenses for older adults.

Good vision can put that spring back in your step!

Call the following numbers to schedule an appointment nearest you.  Please give us the name of your eye doctor when you call.

Missouri:  (314) 843-4044

Illinois:     (618) 277-1130 or call our toll free number 1-855-260-EYES

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